Developing Product Leaders with Jonathan Swift

Georgia was joined by Jonathan Swift, General Manager at REA Group. Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in the technology sector – his impressive product career spans across the UK, US, Asia, and Australia. He has a wealth of experience within the Product and Development Management field, and he’s on The Product Edge to share his experiences leading the product function across a variety of businesses from start-ups and multinational organisations, to everything in between.

We talk about what it’s like to be a leader in product and what Product Managers need to do in order to grow into excellent leaders.

In this episode we discuss:

 ✓    The challenges that Product Managers face today

✓    What the differences are between product leadership and people leadership

✓    The key skills to learn to prepare for leadership

✓    Some of the important lessons Jonathan has learned along the way

✓    Being a Product Manager in B2B and B2C industries


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“Think Again” by Adam Grant


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About your host, Jade Bennett

Having spent over 15 years helping Product leaders build high-performing teams across Asia Pacific and the UK, Jade understands how diverse and broad the Product Management sector is. Not only is she your host, but also the founder and owner of boutique talent agency, Middleton Executive, specialising in the recruitment of Product professionals across APAC, and is a self-professed Product Management geek.