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The challenges of scaling Agtech with Emma Weston

By Jade Bennett | 03rd May 2021

AgTech is an emerging sector that has the potential to completely reshape global agriculture, dramatically increasing the productivity of the agriculture system while reducing the environmental and social costs of current production practices.Agtech is set for monumental growth and has been predicted to become Australia’s next $100 billion industry by 2030. In this episode, Emma Weston,…

Building a Tech Solution to a Global Internet Problem with Alex Zaccaria CEO of Linktree

By Jade Bennett | 19th April 2021

In this upbeat episode, Co-Founder and CEO of Linktree, Alex Zaccaria shares with Jade his insights into Linktree’s growth journey, and what he believes is the key to their astronomical product growth.  Alex founded Linktree as a side-hustle in 2016 with his brother, Anthony and friend, Nick Humphreys. Today, Linktree is the social tech platform…

Active Learning – The Number One Skill for Product Management with Phil Laufenberg

By Jade Bennett | 05th April 2021

Joining Jade on The Product Edge is Phil Laufenberg. Phil is the CPO at Practera – Australia’s leading experiential learning technology startup. He’s also a Product Management trainer with our good friends at Brainmates. Phil has a passion for education, innovation and the future of work, and has led the ideation, design and development of…

Humanising Product Management: How To Build Adaptive Product

By Jade Bennett | 22nd March 2021

Product Management rhetoric typically focuses on technical craftsmanship, and the human elements of Product Management are sometimes overlooked. Product Managers need to understand human behaviours, and in today’s episode Jade explores the human aspects of Product Management – the adaptive skills product folk need – with our guest Nick Coster, Co-Founder of Brainmates. Nick has…

Design Thinking for Product Managers with Lital Sherman

By Jade Bennett | 08th March 2021

In this engaging episode, Jade speaks with Lital Sherman, Head of Experience Design at PageUp to discuss Design Thinking for Product Managers.  Lital is a design leader, strategist, and storyteller. She is passionate about utilising Design Thinking to drive positive cultural change in our lives and believes that by understanding human behaviour, motivations and biases,…

Do’s and don’ts of interviewing for a Product Management role with Laura Paton

By Jade Bennett | 30th November 2020

In this relaxed and candid chat, Jade and Laura explore the do’s and don’ts of interviewing for Product Management roles. Over the last 10 years, Laura has worked with local start-ups, fortune 100 companies and everything in between. Laura holds a degree in Human Resources and enjoys partnering with business leaders across the broad spectrum…

How to kill products…. on purpose with Katherine Barrett

By Jade Bennett | 16th November 2020

In this engaging episode Jade and Katherine discuss how to kill products on purpose! Katherine is a product manager at Drawboard where she is helping to create the paperless office. As a ‘self-proclaimed” minimum viable adult, Katherine has come to value the simplicity of things and overtime has developed a passion for talking about the…

Should Product Management Have its Own Code of Ethics? with Anthony Murphy

By Jade Bennett | 02nd November 2020

We all have our own Code of Ethics; how we as individuals conduct ourselves. In the workplace there are laws that govern how businesses and their staff can operate. Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants are examples of professions that all have a Code of Ethics, and in this episode we ask: Should there be a Code…

How To Lead Through Influence with Ken Sandy

By Jade Bennett | 19th October 2020

In this episode, Jade and Ken explore how Product Managers can navigate the challenging aspect of a Product Manager’s role; leading through influence.

An Unconventional Path Into Product Leadership featuring Shannon Scott

By Jade Bennett | 05th October 2020

In this episode, Jade and Shannon explore the importance of reflecting on ‘why’ you build a product and the consideration Product Managers need to give to the impact and consequences this may have on society and communities. Having had a very interesting career to date, Shannon Scott’s journey has not been typical of a traditional…