Creating Psychological safety in the workplace and building high performing teams with Julie Starovoitova

In this episode of The Product Edge, Julie Starovoitova shared her insights about how psychological safety can help you build high performance teams with our wonderful podcast host, Jade Bennett.

With a background in Positive Psychology one of Julie’s core beliefs is that work can (and should!) be enjoyable and rewarding and that happens when you set your people up for success and create an environment where they can do amazing work.

Julie is on a mission to build human-centric, high-performing, transparent, and positive organisational cultures. Over the span of her career she has been working with senior leaders across different industries including tech, retail and logistics to intentionally craft workplace environments where employees can thrive and the organisations perform at their highest level. 

Julie was named among one of Australia’s most innovative People & Culture leaders by HRD Australia in 2023. 

In this episode, you’ll discover:

✓    What psychological safety is 

✓    How psychological safe environments contribute to high-performing teams

✓    Practical ways in which you can build psychological safety into your teams

✓    The role personal agency and positive psychology play in individual and team success

✓    How decision-making is facilitated by clear communication and psychological safety

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About your host, Jade Bennett

Having spent over 15 years helping Product leaders build high-performing teams across Asia Pacific and the UK, Jade understands how diverse and broad the Product Management sector is. Not only is she your host, but also the founder and owner of boutique talent agency, Middleton Executive, specialising in the recruitment of Product professionals across APAC, and is a self-professed Product Management geek.