Leading & adapting through crisis with Craig Penfold

Craig Penfold is the VP of Engineering at Culture Amp and at the time of recording, this episode was Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product at Rome2Roi. He has 22 years of experience and is now combining his technical knowledge with Product Management to lead both product and technical functions.

In this episode we discuss:

✓    Re-focusing during a crisis

✓    How to challenge assumptions in a time when things are so unpredictable

✓    Adapting your product to changing user needs

✓    How to support your team and continue leading through crisis


Access the resources mentioned in this episode and connect with us…


●     Turn the ship around by David Marquet – this is a great book about intent-based leadership

●     Inspired by Marty Cagan – really the go-to book on what great product development teams should look like

●     The 5 dysfunctions of a team – a book written as a fable to help you better understand what a functioning team looks like.

●     Continuous Discover Habits – Teresa Torres – continuous user discovery is essential to help build better products

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