Reinventing Product Prioritisation with Brad Dunn

Brad Dunn is a Product Management executive with over 20 years of experience. He caught up with Georgia to talk to her about how he is on a journey to reinvent product prioritisation.

Brad is the former CPO of Whispir and CEO of both and Nazori. He is now the Founder of Growsho, an organisation that helps people with their product strategy and effective decision making.

As a Product Manager, it’s your job to make sure the business is working on the most important things first. The reality is though, that you can never get everything done all at once. But luckily there are some popular prioritisation frameworks in the market to help evaluate the importance of various initiatives and eliminate waste whilst ensuring we’re delivering customer value and this is what Bradd is passionate about.

In this episode we discuss: 

✓    Brad’s productisation ideology

✓    Where the idea came from

✓    His opinion on roadmaps, popular agile frameworks & blind auditions


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