The emerging practice of product operations with Evan Ravensdale & Lauren Kish from 99 Designs

Joining Georgia today are two incredible people from 99Designs; Evan Ravensdale, Senior Product Director & Lauren Kish, Product Operations Lead. Today we are exploring the emerging practice of product operations.

Evan is a long-time product leader who is experienced in building different types of products across a variety of markets. He is passionate about building teams that are truly empowered, learn rapidly through experimentation and are connected to customers & users.

Lauren recently relocated back to Melbourne after working in San Francisco where she established a career in product operations after being employee number 1 at a music discovery app at WillCall & then blurring the lines between product & operations at Ticketfly (Eventbrite).

In this episode we discuss:

✓    What is product ops?

✓    What is the value behind product operations?

✓    When is the right time to build a product operations team?

✓    Who can take on a product operations role?


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