The importance of aligning business & product strategy with Dino Talic

Product Management can be defined in many different ways but a common way to describe it is the confluence of User Experience, Tech & Business. The general practice around execution has evolved a lot over the years but one aspect that doesn’t get discussed to the same extent is the business side and overall business strategy.


Joining Georgia today is Dino Talic. Dino has been in Product Management for over 10 years, starting out his career as a Software Engineer before shifting into product management. He is now Co-Founder & CPO of hellomonday, a coaching platform with a vision to help everyone reach their full potential in a job they love. Dino is passionate about the importance of aligning business and product strategy and shares his insights and experience with us.

In this episode we discuss: 

✓    What makes a good business strategy

✓    What product managers need to do to support the business strategy

✓    Creating more visibility on the business strategy

✓    How can product managers think more strategically?


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Having spent over 15 years helping Product leaders build high-performing teams across Asia Pacific and the UK, Jade understands how diverse and broad the Product Management sector is. Not only is she your host, but also the founder and owner of boutique talent agency, Middleton Executive, specialising in the recruitment of Product professionals across APAC, and is a self-professed Product Management geek.