The Start-Up to Scale-Up Journey with Cheryl Gledhill & Lauren McCormack from Zip Co

Cheryl Gledhill and Lauren McCormack have joined Georgia today to talk about their journey at Zip Co, and the experiences they have had working in scaling businesses, which is poignant as we watch so many Australian tech businesses scaling at speed. The operations of a start-up, scale-up and established product businesses are very different.

Cheryl is currently Director of Product and has been working in product for over 25 years from the early days of OzEmail, through the dot com boom and bust, after many years in the corporate world, has now found her happy place in start-up land.

Lauren is currently Director of Product, Payments and has been working in product for 15 years. She has led teams to deliver great product experiences for customers and is passionate about the different types of people needed for business success, product roles and how to shape your career with this in mind.

In this episode we discuss: 

✓    The main challenges Product Manager’s go through in start-ups vs scale-ups

✓    The biggest learning curves working in a company going through major growth

✓    How to prepare your teams for major growth

✓    Whether to join a start-up or scale-up

✓    Start-up culture and how to maintain it


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Having spent over 15 years helping Product leaders build high-performing teams across Asia Pacific and the UK, Jade understands how diverse and broad the Product Management sector is. Not only is she your host, but also the founder and owner of boutique talent agency, Middleton Executive, specialising in the recruitment of Product professionals across APAC, and is a self-professed Product Management geek.